1. Michael Turnbull

    Rad Branding Designer

  2. Michael Turnbull

    Rad Branding Designer

  3. Michael Turnbull

    Rad Branding Designer

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1987. Toronto, ON

I’m Michael Turnbull

and I’m an entrepreneur with a strong background in brand development. I’m creative, off the wall, bizarre and insightful. I believe that there is a niche market for just about everything and I personally believe I can work something out in whatever that market is.

I’m a brand designer. My work involves everything from web to print. I work well with others and when I come to the table I come socially connected. I like utilizing everyone’s best skills when bringing an idea to life.

So pitch me a concept and I’ll make it work. A good concept needs proper execution, because without it, the idea just becomes another failed attempt, and I like it when things work out for the best.

Michael Turnbull

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Your identity has to be a solid representation of your own ideas and confidence. You should be able to rock it proudly.

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